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General Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for using the services of The Pacific Chronicle. For questions about specific paragraphs, readers can contact us via thepach.info@gmail.com.

§ 1 Participants

1.1 Executive Board, partners, members and visiting guests, in following referred to as “participants” in the information channel The Pacific Chronicle. The approval of the General Terms and Conditions is confirmed as participants submit papers or translations thereof, or register through the registration function.

1.2 The participation in The Pacific Chronicle complies with the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to anyone submitting papers or registering, regardless of whether the user is resident in the country or abroad.

1.3 The registration for membership in Thepach.com is free and non-biding. Anyone can become a member.

1.4 The cooperation between Thepach.com and participants is unlimited and can be mutually terminated at any time without notice.

§ 2 Executive Board

2.1 The editor in chief has overall responsibility and the highest authority to make decisions on all matters relating to Thepach.com

2.2 Editorial Board is responsible for the daily management of and if neccesary, for the edit of articles or translations of the authors, translators, contributors and members’ comments.

2.3 The Information Committee is responsible for collecting information and selecting articles or translations of the authors, translators, contributors, members.

2.4. The Technical Committee is responsible for ensuring the operation and technical safety of Thepach.com

§ 3 Use of services

3.1 The use of services begins when participants register with personal information, provide an email address through the first log-in, the password is included in the message. Login is free, non-binding and can be terminated at any time by either side. Participants may end up using services through the Log-out function.

3.2 The following content will be rejected:

– Illegal content (eg. Warez, Filesharing, insults, attacks, discuss on the attack behavior, etc.), pursuant to the Law of Germany or Europe will not be accepted.

– Pornography, racism, extremism or violence will not be accepted.

– Contents of unknown or wrong origins will not be accepted.

– Content of obvious falseness, baseless slenderness or fabrication will not be accepted.

– Contents of Vietnamese writing without diacritics will not be accepted.

§ 4 The behavior of users

4.1 Participants agree to comply with the legal terms and regulations issued, as well as this General Terms and Conditions. Participants are responsible for individual behavior.

4.2 Participants agree to remove articles with spamming content or behaviors violating existing laws or 3.2.

4.3 Participants agree not to use, disseminate or post in articles violating laws, ethics, the rights of third parties or the rights of individuals (eg. voluntarily provide the information on privacy of other members), or pornography, unverifiable content, content of unknown origins (eg. copies from other places that do not specify the origin or get the wrong name of the author). Nor circulate links to illegal material (eg. software or music).

4.4 Participants shall agree that the owner of this website is free from liability, financial loss, damage or expense caused by a third party due to the use of inappropriate services. This includes system failure and data loss, or loss of control.

4.5 Participants agree to provide and store personal information, which will not used by third party for advertising purposes. Editorial Board is responsible for publishing data of participants as a legal obligation required in Germany.

4.6 Participants are obliged to update personal information (eg. email address), this is possible in www.thepach.com/login. Participants should always protect password off the access of third party.

4.7 Problems, errors and database errors that are caused by a breakdown of a participant can be prosecuted under German law. Deleted posts or comments will not be restored.

4.8 Participants dismiss the owner from any claims and costs caused by third parties resulting from a violation of the above obligations.

4.9 Participants are not allowed to disseminate pop-up, pop-under, or embed the content on the site.

4.10 Participants registered under several different login names or impersonate another person will not be accepted.

§ 5 The scope of management

5.1 The Executive Board has the right to remove information from the system, disable user accounts, especially when violations of the above rules occur or other behaviors cause harm to the system. Operators can expand or change the service at any time.

5.2 In case of violation of laws or regulations in Germany, the Executive Board has the right to provide information to relevant government agencies.

5.3 Participants agree to Thepach.com for setting advertising content in the articles or information of participants.

5.4 Thepach.com may use advertising services.

5.5 Participants may be deleted without notice after 90 days of inactivity.

5.6 The operator can use the electronic format of the participants for the purpose of advertising or marketing. Participants also agree for Thepach.com using stored data, for example, e-mail address for individual analysis, for the development of the system or providing information and news updates.

5.7 The operator can intervene, delete or block content, posts, or comments violating the terms and conditions.

5.8. The articles, translations and comments posted reflect the personal views of authors, translators and members, and do not necessarily coincide with the views of Thepach.com.

§ 6 Responsibility / Liability

6.1 Thepach.com is only responsible for the content designed in the site, including domain name www.thepach.com and www.thepacificchronicle.com. Thepach.com denies responsibility for the content set by third party or content of external Internet sites. Similarly, Thepach.com is not responsible for the content of other sites which can be accessed through links, it is not responsible for the content included in the website or sent via email by participants, it is not responsible for the content of documents, articles and translations referred to attached documents, articles and translations in English, German, Vietnamese, which the authors sent to Thepach.com per mail or electronically. The dissemination of spam is not permitted and may be prosecuted.

6.2 Liability to pay compensation for damage caused occurs in case of intent or gross negligence only. Thepach.com not responsible for any indirect, consequential or abnormal damage. This includes compensation for loss of profits, loss of opportunity or intangible value.

6.3 Thepach.com efforts to provide uninterrupted service. There does not exist the right to permanent use. Thepach.com can not be held liable for data loss, damage or compensation claims.

6.4 Thepach.com simply provides technical background to operate the media. All content of the media are responsible by the participants. We affirm that all legal issues related to the content of the media should be clarified with the relevant participants.

6.5 Thepach.com backups regularly, but can not guarantee possible data loss.

§ 7 Copyrights

7.1 Thepach.com respects copyright and intellectual property of the authors, who write or translate articles for other newspapers or for Thepach.com. All posts on Thepach.com, if taken from elsewhere, must specify the source and the author or translator. In case of articles discovered with incomplete source or incorrect author’s name, translator’s name, the article will be removed from Thepach.com

7.2 Thepach.com also expect readers to respect the copyright of the articles written for Thepach.com. Thepach.com apply the principles and conditions of Creative Commons Lisence (links shall be indicated) including 3 main points as follows:
– Participants have full right to publish part or all of the articles or translations written for Thepach.com, provided that the source (and link) to www.thepach.com is specified.
– Participants are not allowed to re-post for the purpose of profit.
– Participants are not allowed to change or supplement the content of the article or the original translation.

7.3 Participants may change the terms above, if getting the consent of the author or translator.

§ 8 Final Declaration

8.1 Regulations for data protection can be viewed in the Editorial.

8.2 Thepach.com reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use. Participants will be notified of the change and may object within a week by giving up membership in Thepach.com.

8.3 Thepach.com reserve the right to arbitrarily change, limit, extend or terminate service after reasonable notice.

8.4 Thepach.com and operators are not responsible for the content or references (called links) to other Internet sites on the home page, only the participants are responsible for the content, participants are not responsible for links to other sites.

8.5 If one or more of the above conditions is invalid or not feasible, it will be replaced by an effective and feasible provision best suited for the purpose of the initial determination. Other conditions remain in effect.

8.6 The terms and conditions mentioned above, as well as the relationship between Thepach.com and participants comply with German law and take effect from the date of registration until the end of the membership by either side at any time. Jurisdiction is the city of Berlin.

8.7 These Terms and Conditions are the right of Thepach.com, the dissemination of these instructions can cause damage claim in the amount of up to € 50,000.

8.8 Participants have no liability for external links in this forum.

Terms and Conditions: December 12, 2012, The Pacific Chronicle

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