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The Pacific Chronicle is a multi-language information channel in English, German, Vietnamese, etc. for global citizens who are interested in contemporary issues on Asia and the Pacific. Under the name “The Pacific Chronicle” show three Latin letters LIBERTAS – Freedom, IUSTITIA – Justice, VERITAS – Truth.

Through the inclusion of issues on Asia and the Pacific into the world public, such as the conflicts in the East China Sea, in the South China Sea, China, Vietnam, as well as other economic, political and cultural trends and developments, The Pacific Chronicle contributes to the dissemination of information on Asia and the Pacific to the world’s citizens to get them interested in addressing the problems in this region.

The Pacific Chronicle is convinced that problems in the region should be considered from different perspectives. It contributes to the openness and transparency of information, helps to promote reader’s ability to make independent judgements and share their opinions to others. The Pacific Chronicle conveys the message of a cosmopolitan world, which stands for respect, tolerance and acceptance of different opinions among stakeholders. In its independent role, The Pacific Chronicle itself remains a neutral, objective medium which imparts information, ideas and opinions of authors around the world to the reader.

The Pacific Chronicle collects and receives articles and documents that represent many different voices from around the world. The translation of English articles and documents into German, Vietnamese, etc. and vice versa of Vietnamese into English, German, etc. creates a multi-language discussion forum for those who will express their own views on the same topics about the current problems in Asia and the Pacific and respond to others’ views.

The Pacific Chronicle follows the principle of a cosmopolitan world on the basis of freedom, justice and truth, and would stand together with all for the rights of man. The Pacific Chronicle would appreciate the interest and support of everyone.


Thank you for interest and cooperation with The Pacific Chronicle.

The Pacific Chronicle

Created on December 12, 2012.

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